No Place

by Val Halla

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released March 9, 2010

Copyright 2010 Val Halla Music
Recorded in Regina, Sask. & Nashville, TN

Track #1 Produced by Todd Woolsey & Val Halla
and Mixed by Paul Jenkins.
Guitars: Val Halla & Todd Woolsey. Bass: Michael Joyce.
Drums: Wes Little. B3 Organ: Steve Peffer.

Tracks #6 and #7 Produced by Bob Funk
and Mixed by Bob Funk
Guitars & Mandolin: Bob Funk. Additional Guitar work: Mike Durham.
Bass: Steve Mackey. Drums: Bob Funk.

All other tracks Produced by Brad Prosko & Val Halla
and Mixed by Brad Prosko.
Guitars: Val Halla, Brad Prosko, Murray Pulver. Elliott Randall featured on Track #10.
Banjo on Track #2: Dan Cohen (recorded by Jace Everett).
Bass: Dave Chabot. Drums: Jayson Brinkworth.
B3 Organ: Dave Chabot (Track #10), Brad Prosko.
Keys: Val Halla.

Mastered by Kevin Churko

Cover & Artistic photos by Chad Coombs (
In Studio photos by Annie McLeod (
Layout & Artwork Design by Jesi Carson ( )

Val Halla uses Mack Amps ( and Carparelli Guitars (

Special Thanks to:

Everyone listed above who worked on this record. Every single one of you went above and beyond what you had to do, and I can’t express how much I appreciate your energy, care, & efforts. Mom & Dad for your support in all ways, & Annie McLeod – “Pyle!” as always! My family & friends both at home & afar, I never get to see any of you nearly enough, but the anticipation of seeing you again always keeps me going. Thanks to Scott Cooke, Matt King, Todd Kerns, Ken “Chile” Varas, Don Mackrill, Mike Carparelli, Paul & Jeff at Guitar World Magazine, Michael Molenda at Guitar Player Magazine, Derek Sivers, Alan Bennett, Warren Hibbert, A Little (r&r) Productions, Bena Roberts, The Saskatchewan Arts Board, Sask Music, Ryan Zumwalt, Coy Martin, Max Abrams, Brien Sager, the Baltimore/Nashville crews, Gilles Nadon, JJ Sansone, Lance Wascom, Ron Lawson, Scott Raddysh, Tristan Helgason, Gabe Boothroyd, Tayo Branston, Neil Towers, Carl Julig, Ethan Minuk, Robb Morrison, Jackie Mertler, Alexis Aikenhead, Def 3, all my OYE buddies, Crucial Taunt, all my Texas buddies (you know who you are!), Brenna & Zach at Geomedia, East Vancouver, Arran Shearing, Greg Bartels, Preston Kanak, Riley Moynes & Living Sky Media, The Star Café and it’s wonderful staff & extended family, Patrick Scully & the Chicago crew, Ross Rylance, Scott Sanford, Keith Greff, Tattoo, Brandhands, Chris Fraser, Chris Furness, Music City Bar staff & writer’s night crew, GGGarth Richardson, Andy Wallace, Grant Hall, Tobin Watkinson, Adam Greenup, Cassandra Florio, Bobby Kimberely, the old Los Angeles & Vancouver Sim Video crew, Kyle Knapp,, Craig Dale, Big Dog 92.7 in Regina.



all rights reserved


Val Halla regina

I've been playing music and chasing that dream for 11 years now. I don't dream of American Idol or X Factor. I work hard for each dollar. I hit the highways & and the harmsways. And so far I've managed to always make it back. Some say its country, some say its rock, some say its weird when I sing with those who do Hip Hop. I say I'll give you something to hold on to, and then together WE GO! ... more

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Track Name: The Bad Girl Touch
The Bad Girl Touch
Written By: Val Halla

My room is all pink with a cute teddy bear,
But the walls match the lace on my underwear
I wear my shirts low but keep my hair in a bow
I'm where Carmen Electra meets Marilyn Monroe
I sang in the choir after takin’ a toke
I like to drink my whiskey with a splash of cherry coke
I always change up my hair to keep my past unknown
I make a horrible blonde cause my roots always show
I'm the good good girl with the bad girl touch
I can't stand war and I can't stand hate
But if you grab my ass I'll still punch yah in the face
I believe in compassion I believe in the soul
I still love sex, pot, and rock & roll
So come on over, I'll show you I'm good and true
And while you're over, I'll show you my bad side too
I'll show you what good girls do, with the bad girl touch
It's good to be a good girl, with a bad girl touch
Track Name: Dark Sister
Dark Sister

Written By: Val Halla/Dan Cohen/Alan Bennett

Breathing in your wizard's smoke my head is getting light
Blueberry and dandelions in the air tonight
Rub against my perfume, use it for your own
When you leave tomorrow, I’ll be wearing your cologne
I'm not the girl you used to know
There's someone standing in my shadow
Your chest starts to rise and fall, your eyes are rollin’ round
You look just like the music, like I’m seeing every sound
Play me something heavy, hit me with the beat
Let me hear your caveman groan, come from inside me
I'm not the girl you used to know
There's someone standing in my shadow
I'm not the girl I used to be
Since my dark sister came lookin’ for me
She found me in your bedroom
Right when the lights went low
She locked me in the closet
So you would never know
She looked exactly like me as she pushed you to the bed
Now every time I get you alone, you get her instead.
My dark sister, she’s got you instead, my dark sister.
Track Name: Be One Tonight
Be One Tonight

Written By: Val Halla / Jeremy Cottrell / Jason Gantt / Murray Pulver

I never thought I was cut out to be the one
Off the rails raisin’ hell, and livin’ on the run
Let’s do all the things that we’ve never done tonight
And it’s time to escape, bend the rules until they break
I’ve never been an outlaw
I’m gonna be one tonight, be one tonight
I’m gonna be an outlaw tonight
All my friends pack the limo tonight
We’re gonna be VIP to the front of the line
Bust through the doors, heads turn, we’re gonna go wild
And its time to escape, get up on the bar like I’m taking the stage
I’ve never been a rockstar
I’m gonna be one tonight, be one tonight
I’m gonna be a rockstar tonight
I get in this condition and lose my inhibitions
I’ve made my decision, bad is my ambition
‘Cause I don’t wanna be myself, no I don’t wanna be myself
I wanna be someone else tonight
Gonna be wild and free, cause the danger is what I need
I’ve never been an outlaw
Track Name: Whiskey Evening
Whiskey Evening

Written by: Val Halla

I went downtown on a Monday
Work was rough, and I had a bad day
I knew it was a whiskey evening
And I'd be drinkin’ with Jack once again
Oh Mister, Mister, can you tell me the time
I need to know is it half past nine?
I was meetin’ someone here but I think he ain't comin’
He said "Hey pretty lady, don't you worry none
I think that I might know someone
Someone who'll treat you right."
He said "Hey there baby! You're comin’ home with me!
I don't wanna be your one and only, I just wanna be your…"
The smell of whiskey in the air, every look, every stare
I pulled the cherry from my drink
And he said "You don't know what you make me think"
I put my glass up to my face, burnin’ in the heat of this place
I felt an ice cube run down my back
And I smiled and took another sip of my friend Jack
So let's start dancing, your body next to mine
I love the way you move your body
And when we're dancing, your hips so close to mine
I don't wanna lose your body
Track Name: Good Lovin' Is What You Need
Good Lovin' Is What You Need

Written by: Val Halla

I guess that I'll be on my way, I see you've found somebody new
But does she know your heart? Does she know you like I do?
I guess I'll look the other way when you're holding her so tight
Tell me when did this begin and when did I fall out of sight?
Or is it that easy to let me go? Do you ever think of me at all?
If good lovin' is what you need, Oh why'd you just up and leave?
I gave you the best, I gave it to you right
I'll give it to you honey every single night
Why would you ever leave me
When good lovin' is what you need
I guess I find it kind of strange, the way she's calling out to you
Oh, hanging on your words, hanging like I used to
I know you're hear with her tonight, with her standing by your side
But as we said hello did I catch that longing in your eyes?
If good lovin' is what you need
Oh Baby come back to me
She might make you happy, she might treat you good
But I can love you better than she ever could
Why would you ever leave me
When good lovin' is what you need
Track Name: Coming Home
Coming Home

Written by: Val Halla

I took one guitar, I packed one suitcase
I left one sad look, on your face
Left you alone, in the middle of the night
Watched your house, slowly fade out of sight
Then I went down to L.A. where the boys like to play
And my eyes filled with stars
But I still kept you there, in my heart
And now I'm coming home, I'm coming home
By November, I'll be back home
There's been lonely nights, under Hollywood lights
That helped me see the wrong I've done, but made it hard to carry on
It's been one full year, I’ve been out on the run
From the only home I've known, the only one I've ever loved
Track Name: I Wanna Be With You
I Wanna Be With You
Written by: Val Halla

I don't rush you out the door
But I don't ask you to stay

I make you breakfast in the morning

But then you're on your way
And everyday it's the same old thing 

There's always that moment
As I watch you walk away

I know, how bad I want this
I wanna be with you, I really wouldn't mind

You stickin around for a long time

I wanna be with you, 
sick of being alone

I'd like to keep you from going home
Oh I wish you would stay
I don't ever ask for more

Convince myself I'm ok

I try to keep my heart from showing
Don't want to scare you away

Stay, stay the afternoon
You're always leaving too soon
Stay with me

If I could only find the words to say
Track Name: Goodnight

Written By: Val Halla & Warren Hibbert

Goodnight, its time for leavin’
I won’t let you out of my mind
We had a good time and I can’t shake the feelin’
This is goodnight but it isn’t goodbye
My glass is empty and I’m hazy, as we’re heading for the door
You smile and I’m feeling crazy, I want to live this night once more
So don’t look back, tomorrow we can start all over
I’m out of money but you’re watching out for me
You say let’s get you home
I’m in a good place, its written on my face
Tonight I didn’t feel alone
So don’t look back, tomorrow there’s still time for dreamin’
It still feels early, I’m not ready for sleep
Till the sun’s coming up
Not thinkin’ too clearly, still I want you near me
But all I can say is
Track Name: Black Butterflies
Black Butterflies

Written By: Val Halla

This ain't no place for the weak at heart, there's no promises here
Ain't no innocence left to be stolen, no god's of mercy here
I missed out on the part of the young girl, simple kind of life
Just to go out chasing angels, in a lost and lonely night
So if I make it to 25, I'll keep this dream alive
But if tomorrow the sun don't rise
Picture me asleep on the wind, a kid on the wings of
Black Butterflies
Well there's no time for crying in the early hours
No time to witness the hurt
Go knocking on doors for the love of the world
Pull your wings up from the dirt
And I'm looking to fly away, just like the butterflies did
But I'm fighting to stay to see the day when I’ll find all the love I missed
Track Name: Drink My Life Away Featuring Elliott Randall
Drink My Life Away

Written By: Val Halla

Its been a long, long time comin’
I knew as a child, who I would be
And I’m not gonna fall like the one who fell before me
When he drank himself out of lovin’ me
Following footsteps in hand me down shoes
Chasing a drink of a man I never knew
I’ve got nothing but love for the ones left underneath
So I won’t drink my life away
You may see me stumble
You may see me lookin down
But this isn’t the end, I’ll see you again
A bottle won’t take me away from you
You stayed here with me, so I’m stayin too.
If I should let you down, oh like he did
All I deserve would be in the dirt
So don’t leave no flowers, no flowers at my grave
If I should drink my life away
You know I won’t drink my life
Not gonna drink my life
No I won’t drink my life away.
Midnight through South Dakota
He came down from Canada on an arctic wind
Snow cryin' out, find someone to hold
Sioux City, comfort him.

He ain't got no Mrs.
He pays for the mistress
Whisky sippin' in a hotel room.
She says "Come here boy, let me shake your blues.
Sioux City's gonna take care of you"

He laid with her on that bed
Looked in her eyes and said...

Hold me tight American angel
Lay your hands on my soul
Hold me close though I'm leavin' tomorrow
In your arms I am home, tonight
Sioux City won't be so cold

He's half way to Mississippi
A Canadian girl at the back of his heart
Drownin' her memory in his bottle of whisky
He's goin' down to Jackson, gonna make a fresh start

He looked at his Dakota princess
And his lonely eyes said....

Hold me tight American angel
Lay your hands on my soul
Hold me close though I'm leavin' tomorrow
In your arms I am home, tonight
Sioux City won't be so cold

Well Baby, if I stay in this town
Maybe they're gonna chase me down
Cause Baby, I left a girl back home
So save me, tonight don't leave me alone

And she said...

I'll hold you tight Canadian angel
I'll lay my hands on your soul
I'll hold you close though you're leaving tomorrow
In my arms you will always have a home
In Sioux City

Hold me tight American angel
Lay your hands on my soul
Hold me close though I'm leavin' tomorrow
In your arms I am home, tonight
Sioux City won't be so cold